Electronic Direct Deposit

Are you due a financial aid refund? Be sure to sign-up for Electronic Direct Deposit (EDD). 

With direct deposit, your refund (after deduction of University charges) is electronically deposited into your bank account, so you don’t have to watch your mail for a paper check.  

How it Works

Sign up for EDD using the steps below. When you’re due a refund, you’ll get an email message, from our office, confirming the amount of the refund and the date we initiated the transfer to your bank.

The time it takes for the money will be dependent on the timelines established by your institution – typically two to three business days. If for any reason your bank won’t accept the funds, we’ll let you know. (This is usually due to an incorrect account number or routing number, so double-check your numbers when you sign up for direct deposit.)

If you change accounts or banks, always remember to update your direct deposit information with us.

How to Sign Up

The deadline each term is the end of the active registration period.

    • Click here to log in to your student single sign on
    • Select PAWS from the directory
    • Click Student Services and Financial Aid
    • Click Student Records
    • Click Direct Deposit Information (Enter Banking Information)

You can view your EDD information and make changes at any time through PAWS.

Opt Out

Students may decide not to participate in the EDD program. However, for those who do not participate any aid to be refunded to you will be processed by paper check and MAILED to your permanent address on file. Be sure to verify your address of record in your PAWS account. Checks will be mailed within fourteen business days of the disbursement date and a waiting period of 21 days will be in place for any check tracing and reissuing.