Educational Technologies & Services

Educational Technologies & Services provides computer, audio/visual support, and on-site technology integrations/installations for the Whiddon College of Medicine and for all of the University of South Alabama healthcare facilities.

ETS instructs and educates users in the operation of educational technology equipment and software and prepares audio and visual multimedia in the support of medical education.

Our offices on the main campus are in the Medical Science Building in room 1180A and 2015. We also have an office in the Mastin Building, behind the University Hospital, in room 201C.

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▼   Digital Signage

Digital Signage

ETS provides COM information on three monitors in the Medical Sciences Building. One of them is in the lobby, on the first floor, another, on the second floor adjacent to the breezeway to CSAB and the third one is on the 3rd floor on the back hallway.

To request your message to be placed on the signage monitors, please fill out the Digital Signage Request Form and email it to

Signage Guidelines

The following guidelines also apply to the COM CSAB lobby signage monitor. 

The event, activity, or message must be College of Medicine or University related or sponsored by a College of Medicine affiliated club or organization. The message should be related to the mission or business of the College of Medicine and consistent with the types of allowed messages described below.


Below is a sampling of the types of messages that are allowed and not allowed. ETS will need up to 48 hours to review your request before posting.

Allowed Messages

  • College of Medicine class schedules.
  • College of Medicine lunch and learns.
  • Continuing Medical Education events, seminars, and conferences. These events include grand rounds and must be supported by the College of Medicine CME office.
  • College of Medicine research events and presentations including Distinguished Speaker seminars, Summer Research, Chalk Talk, open and closing defenses, and other lectures providing education for College of Medicine students and faculty.
  • College of Medicine holiday closures.
  • College of Medicine sponsored wellness events.
  • Messages that solicit support for an official College of Medicine effort or at the Dean’s request. Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day is an example of an official College of Medicine event.
  • Messages from the President’s office that solicit support for an official effort. Examples of approved official University efforts are the Annual Fund and town hall meetings.
  • Events and seminars at university healthcare facilities that provide COM faculty development and graduate medical education.
  • Health and safety notices.
  • Emergency updates and alerts.
  • Notification of College of Medicine network or other computer related events, including service outages.

Messages Not Allowed

  • Messages of a commercial, political, religious, or lobbying nature.
  • Personal notices, e.g., items for sale or rent; lost or found; baby, wedding, promotions, or retirement announcements.
  • Employment postings. (Please direct those to the Office of Human Resources.)
  • Messages that solicit support (financial or otherwise) for charity, personal gain, or special causes not connected with an official University effort.
▼   Video Production

Video Production

ETS provides technical and pedagogical support for the creation of narrative-based video, audio, and other new media to enrich teaching, learning, and research. We can supply full video production services including concept development, recording and postproduction.

Educational Technology Services (ETS) offers lecture capture, with the use of Panopto. We also have professional video production services for CME conferences, surgical procedures and other College of Medicine Events. From concept development, recording and then post production, we can produce a video that is that is right for you.

▼   Video Conversion

Video Conversion

ETS provides video conversion for all popular and even some of the unusual media formats. We can convert video for many devices. We can download videos and convert the files for inserting into PowerPoint presentations.

▼   Classroom Installation and Design

Classroom Installation and Design

Our installations have been centered on not only upgrading classroom technology to enhance our faculty’s teaching abilities but also the students' learning experience. We believe that technology works when it is properly integrated into the curriculum, when teachers are trained to use it effectively, and appropriate software and technical support are provided.

With visual tools such as HD projectors, interactive whiteboards and wireless presentation systems, we have helped faculty expedite the delivery of information and engaged the attention of the audience. At Educational Technologies, we can help design a classroom to meet your teaching/meeting needs. We can obtain quotes for the equipment that needs ordering, and for small jobs, we may be able to install everything you need.

▼   CME Conferences

CME Conferences

We provide support for conferences scheduled through the USA CME office. Services that can be requested include equipment setup and breakdown, an on-site technician, and recording services. Please request A/V assistance as soon as you know your conference date and location. ETS would like to be there from the get-go for any meetings discussing audio/visual needs for your conference.

▼   Future Technologies

Future Technologies

The ETS team serves as the lookout for new opportunities to improve teaching and learning through technology. We keep our eyes on new and the upcoming technologies to help solve the challenges of our medical students and faculty. If there is a technology that you would like us to demo, please let us know!

▼   Equipment Check Out 

Equipment Check Out 

We have equipment for College of Medicine faculty to check out for teaching. This equipment includes projectors, screens, audio PA system, laptops, PowerPoint remotes, web cameras and microphones.


Faculty and Staff

Joanne Brookfield
Joanne Brookfield
Director, Educational Technologies & Services

Brian Hulon
Brian Hulon
Audio-Visual Production Specialist 

Levi Mount
Levi Mount
Audio-Visual Production Specialist