Class of 2019 Profile

Convocation Class of 2019


Members of the South Alabama incoming freshman class are creative, talented, innovative, servant leaders, self-motivated, lovers of great food, world travelers, and resilient. These students are ambitious and have diverse backgrounds, making this an outstanding class. One of the students was recently named Distinguished Young Woman of America, and one student is proud to share that Hillary and President Bill Clinton attended her baptism. The incoming freshmen students join an impressive group of current students from across the country and abroad.

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Class of 2019: More Facts

  • The student traveling the farthest away is from Alaska
  • Highest number of students from states outside of Alabama: Florida-133 Mississippi-114

The Class of 2019 Includes:

  • A poet who had a triple head injury from snowboarding, whose dad is a master chef.
  • A Ballerina at Pensacola School of Ballet since the age of three who sings, plays piano and guitar
  • An origami master whose pieces are displayed at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.
  • A student who won a $10,000 scholarship from a nationwide campaign for starting a peanut butter food drive at her high school to end hunger in the city of Birmingham, Ala.
  • One student is a triplet who has brown hair and eyes, while her sisters have blonde hair and blue eyes.
  • A student who has lived in South Africa for five years, and loves soccer.
  • A student who lived in England for four years, likes to sing and dance for no reason.
  • A student who is salutatorian of her high school class, plays the flute, piccolo and was diagnosed with histoplasmosis, and given a treatment to prevent permanent blindness in her right eye.
  • A student who’s attending South Alabama this fall with her twin brother.

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